Where Should a Whole House Water Filter Be Installed?

Where Should a Whole House Water Filter Be Installed?

Whether your water comes from a well or from your town’s water supply, you want it to be clean, healthy, and taste good. Unfortunately for many Australians that isn’t always true.

So what can you do besides stocking up on bottled water or spending a fortune on the latest water purification system? You can install a whole house water filter that will provide clean, clear water to all your taps for all of your household needs.

So where is the best installation spot?

The best place to install the system, taking into consideration the configuration of your home’s water supply lines, will take a bit of investigative work and an understanding of how water flows from your well or municipal supply line to your house.

A whole house water filter should be installed near where your home’s main water line enters the home and are referred to as POE or point-of-entry systems. That way, you have filtered water all over the house.

Whole house filtration systems are typically located outside your home or inside the attached carport or garage. A lot of people install the system themselves but your water filter company can install the system quickly and efficiently. Most manufacturers offer warranties for these types of installations.

Some homes have a filter loop that makes quick installation easy, but if you don’t have a filter loop, then you can either make your own or simply plumb it in on the main line close to the water shut-off valve. It’s a good idea to make a bypass loop around the water system for any maintenance or replacements down the road.

Also ensure that there is no split in the line prior to the installation spot, because if the water line splits off before the whole house water filter, then you might be left with only part of the house with filtered water.

Other installation tips:

  • If installed outside, the water line must run from the water metre straight across to the house
  • Must be installed upstream from the water heater and downstream from the line supplying any outdoor spigots
  • Install in close proximity to your utility sink if you have one, which comes in handy during filter changes
  • Install on a water line near the ceiling to have plenty of room to remove cartridges during filter changes
  • Install on any horizontal water line
  • Leave enough clearance space below your housing area to replace filters

A whole house water filter is a great option for those looking to enjoy the benefits of filtered water at every tap in their home. When you come to Filter Solutions WA, we don’t simply schedule a date for installation, we conduct a site inspection where we perform a thorough test of your existing water, so we can determine what will be the best solution for your home.

Contact Filter Solutions for an obligation-free home water test today.

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Filter Solutions WA

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