Is a whole house water filtration system worth it?

Is a whole house water filtration system worth it?

A whole house water filter is installed where your main water line enters your home. In this way, all of your taps and appliances including your hot water heater will be supplied with filtered water.

Many people wonder whether fitting out your whole home with a water filter system is worth the cost and effort.

Why a whole house filter is important

While it’s always recommended to prioritise the clarity and quality of your tap water, it’s still a good idea to remove the chlorine from the water for bathing and showering as well. That’s where having an entire-home filtration system comes in.

Chlorine is a harsh chemical, which is why it’s the most popular choice in disinfecting water as it effectively kills bacteria and other microorganisms.

However, due to its harshness, the reaction mechanism of chlorine can also affect human cells, which can lead to a variety of problems like skin irritations.

Remember, we are using water every day of our lives and these effects can accumulate.

With a whole house filter you can use chlorine-free water for every drop of water you use in your home.

Why do we need filtered water when bathing or showering?

If you’re like most of us, the source to your home is water from the mains to our taps. And even though our tap water is specially treated and regulated by Government health guidelines, it still contains artificial and natural contaminants and additives. These include traces of sediments, rust, chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria, fluoride and chlorine. In some areas, even pesticides and herbicides can find their way into your water system.

Our skin produces natural oils that serve as protection from drying and damage and chlorine and other chemicals strip this oil leaving our skin dry and itchy. A whole house water filter system will remove almost 98% of chlorine from the water, thereby protecting your skin and scalp from dryness and irritation.

Did you also know that water treated with chemicals can release these into the air when heated. So every time you run a shower or bath or your dishwashing machine, these chemical vapours enter the air, which you inhale. What a scary thought!

Further benefits of a whole house filter model

  • It protects your plumbing and prolongs the efficiency of your appliances as there is less sediments and limescale build up
  • Although there will be an initial cost to install a whole home system, you will realise cost saving over time as the lifespan of your tap washers and appliances are prolonged.
  • Water treatment facilities will be using chlorine for years to come, so if you want chlorine-free water for everyday use, a whole house filter system is the best option.
  • It reduces the risk of inhaling dangerous airborne water disinfectant chemicals when heating your household water.
  • Eliminates the need for water filters at every tap.
  • It does not strip water from beneficial minerals.
  • Less wastewater is created.

If you need chlorine-free water 24/7 for your bathing and washing, a whole house water filter will be worth the investment. At Filter Solutions WA, we don’t simply schedule a date for installation, we perform a site inspection where we conduct a thorough test of your existing water, so we can determine what will be the best solution for your home.

Filter Solutions WA
Filter Solutions WA

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