What is the best water filtering system for the house?

What is the best water filtering system for the house?

Do I need a water filter?

Water is our most basic necessity for survival, but can contain many impurities, both natural and synthetic. Some might only affect the water’s taste, look or smell while others can be harmful to your health over time.

Luckily, in most parts of Australia, we don’t have to worry about getting sick from the tap water we are supplied with.

Even though some chemicals like chlorine and fluoride are added to our water, The Australian Drinking Water Guidelines specify that water “should contain no harmful concentrations of chemicals or pathogenic microorganisms, and ideally, it should be aesthetically pleasing in regard to appearance, taste and odour”.

The disadvantage of having safe drinking water is the sometimes chemical taste and smell of disinfectants, so many people opt for a water filtering system.

Do water filters work?

How can you be sure if a business’ water filters do what they say? One thing to look for is certification. NSF International provides a range of certifications for water filtration products that involve initial and periodic testing.

The Australian standard AS/NZS4348 also covers a wide range of contaminants, such as taste, odour and microbiological and chemical impurities. There are also standards for water softeners – cation exchangers (NSF 44), reverse-osmosis (NSF 58) and distillation (NSF 62) systems.

What is the best water filtration system?

The answer to this question will depend on what type of system you need and how it fits into your home. There are various home filter options each with its pros and cons. No filter or purification system is 100% effective in removing all contaminants, so decide what you want your filter to do before you spend any money.

Tap-mounted water filters

This offers a portable water filtration solution for your home or business. It is easy to install yourself and cost-effective as no plumbing is required. It also allows you to swap between filtered and non-filtered water. The downside is that it can slow down the water flow and doesn’t work on all taps.

Countertop water filters

These can filter larger amounts of water without having to change any plumbing. They are also less likely to clog than the previous option. However, they take up more space and are also not practical on all taps.

Under sink filter

This option also filters large amounts of water and won’t clutter your counter space as it’s out of sight. This type of filter is known to remove 99% of water contamination, making it a safe, clean and tasty option. But it will take up space under your sink and the initial installation costs can be expensive as it requires plumbing modification.

Reverse osmosis purification

Of all water purifying methods, reverse osmosis is probably the most effective and advanced. More than standard water filtration, It is an extreme water purification process that removes almost all contaminants found in drinking water such as bacteria, fluoride, pesticides, algae, phosphates and more.

Whole house water filter

A whole house filter system delivers an unlimited supply of healthy, clean, filtered water to every tap outlet, so you can be confident you and your family are drinking the best quality water available and bathing in much cleaner water with significantly fewer pollutants and contaminants.

This is the most extensive but probably also the most expensive water filter option and the ideal option when you have a poor-quality water supply. This type of water filter is not installed and uninstalled easily, however, once installed it requires little to no maintenance for several years. You are also eliminating the need to install several smaller filter devices in different parts of your home.

Filter Solutions offer a whole house water filter system for your home so you can rest assured you and your family are kept safe with a clean, healthy water supply to all areas of your home. Contact us today for a free installation quote.

Filter Solutions WA
Filter Solutions WA

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